Pekiti Global City Summer Camp 2015 from thursday may 14 to sunday may 17 at Ares in France

The summer camp goal is to be hold every other year alternating with the Pekiti France Convention and this to focus on Pekiti Tirsia training following our Global City curriculum based on past and actual Pekiti Tirsia training methods.

The fee only include training, the accomodation and meal will be manage by every participant, we will provide you a list of the most convenient camping area as soon as we will have determinated the differents training venue that will alternate between beach, forest and Gym, this to mix the pleasure of training while enjoying the nature and all the advantages of the Arcachon bay.

The cost est 120€ for the 4 days or 30€ per day, no minimum days required.

Training will be lead by Guro Christophe Verdot, chief instructor of Pekiti Tirsia Kali Global City in Manila and Bordeaux in France.

Guro Christophe Verdot live in Manila, Philippines, since 5 years where he train and teach Pekiti Tirsia directly under Tuhon Rommel Tortal but also regularly training with Tuhon Philip, Tuhon Nonoy, the regretted Tuhon Jasper, Tuhon Jared and more.

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