As some of you know we recently started a new groupe in Pasig City at Ninja Academy, the first indoor parkour facility in Metro Manila.
Our training there is :

Every monday from 7:30 to 9:30pm

You can find some discount offer at groupon and cashcashpinoy, the main purpose of this discount offer is to give accessibility to anyone who would like to train including those who cannot afford much, every of my students know that i always been teaching for the love of the art and the main goal is to share, not money, if there was a way to get rich with Filipino Martial Art teaching, especially in Philippines, no doubt that FMA would be far more populare here and school would be at every corner 🙂

So get this opportunities to join us for a good deal and learn Pekiti Tirsia, a Filipino Martial Art from your forfathers, this you Filipino legacy and a good way to honor it is to learn it and keep it alive.

Cashcashpinoy :!/21-leisure-and-lifestyle/d/76467-pekititirsia-kali-at-ninja-academy
Groupon :